Coaching Community / Trusted Partners

Over time and space around the globe I have met committed and talented professionals, with whom I share my passion for transforming people and organizations. We meet around values of integrity, respect, openness, creativity freedom and love.

Our goal is to support one another in our professional and personal lives.  We aim to bring harmony, creativity, people development and empowerment in corporations and in our communities to create sustainable success.

We are multicultural independent expert coaches, facilitators, ex-leaders in large corporations, who get together on a project basis. Each is bringing his/her distinct flavor and expertise, all have a strong spiritual energy.

The Circle of Amsara


Valérie Beyssade

French, living in Paris

Mastery of Transformation through Mouvement

Initiator of the Amsara project, Valérie loves to co-lead with her peers. Her coaching and facilitation skills provide deep transformation and empowerement of leaders, focusing on what is essential, trough meditation and movement.

Béatrice Melin

French, living in Marseille

Mastery of adventure and business developement

Pascale Théobald

French, living in Toulouse

Mastery of Reinventing Organizations


Carolyn Dawson

Scottish, living in London

Mastery of Leadership through Compassion,

Carolyn is a PCC coach specialized in women in leadership, supporting women to develop as leaders in their life and work and helping organizations to retain and grow their talented women.

Dan Flyer 2017

Daniel Newby, PCC

American, living in Barcelona

Mastery of Emotions

Greg outdoor

Greg Burdulis

American, living in Indiana

Mastery of Mindfulness

Greg is a former monk and teaches mindfulness internationally at Google, Facebook, and eBay. He blends humor, neuroscience and years of teaching experience to bring mindfulness directly into the workplace, augmenting productivity, focus and engagement.

Béatrice Castaing de Longueville

French, from Grenoble

mastery of organizational transformation –

Francine portrait

Francine Debra, PCC

French, living in Paris

Mastery of Self-Affirmation

Francine is a PCC coach and trainer, using movement and improv’ to reveal the client’s own leadership style, so that they can use their full potential, and dare to express their ideas with conviction and self-confidence.

Edmond Antoine, MCC

American, living in NY & Kathmandu

mastery of collective engagement

Denis Klecha

Denis Klecha

French, living in Nice

Mastery of Collective Creativity and Happiness

Denis is a senior coach and supervisor who brings creativity and fun in the most serious places, thereby increasing well being and performance. Works in French and English, is a trained NLP master and Ericskonian Hypnosis practitioner at ease with individuals to large groups.


Jean-Luc Ewald

French, living in Paris

mastery of presencing – 

Björn Atterstam

Swedish, living in Amsterdam

mastery of extraordinary thinking