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What makes us different? Amsara creates the space for the solutions to emerge naturally. Our programs are all about transformation: as individuals, as teams, as a system. How do we face today’s challenges? How do we find inspiration and energy? How do we enter into courageous conversations? What is the next step that wants to emerge?

Amara Leadership Coaching, Ceci n'est pas une pipe

We use different tools at different times: awareness to the body, how it breaths, how it moves; playing with emotions, what they tell us, how we use them; focus on the mental energy, when it is useful, when it is unnecessary chatter; listening to the voice of the soul, the individual soul or the spirit of a team, a company.

Mind, body, heart and soul together in unison. The dance of feminine and masculine energies. Listening internally and externally, celebration, opening and closing rituals,

With teams we focus on alignment, creating the vision. The revolution is not only digital, it is collaborative. Explore the unknown paths of shared leadership.

We invite you to look at our offer


Personalized coaching for deep transformation and empowering leaders, focusing on what is essential, trough meditation and movement.


When collective energy and alignment are required to achieve ambitious goals.



When it is key to inspire a strong vision and lead people through uncertain and complex times.


For deep learning about self and others, heart & mind, body & soul, for coaches and leaders.